Operational Audit Services for Outdoor Recreational Industry



Outdoor Experiences Operational Audit services are designed to provide you with hands on perceptions of your operation as viewed through the eyes of your guest. Our services review operations from the guest arrival through departure and everything in between. We provide this assessment with an attention to detail that will not only reveal a comprehensive review of your operation, but of your employees as well. This review allows you to put names to staff members working particular areas of the experience.  This provides a more detailed experience summation allowing an unapparelled understand not only what's working but who's making it work.  Audit services will also note any potential areas where slight adjustments may lead to improved operations. While this service is similar to our Operational Logistical Analysis service, it is done in complete anonymity ensuring that your results return a true "Guest Experience"  performed by an industry expert using our knowledge of "Best Practices" and how these practices should be applied . Our audit is traditionally completed in a single day, visiting all or specific attractions, following up with a detailed review normally within 24 hours. The prompt review affords you the opportunity for rapid attention to any area necessary as well as the ability to applaud those members of your staff who provided exemplary operational and guest services.