About Us

OE is the culmination of Michael and Bob's 75 years of operational experience in the outdoor recreational field. Our customizable outdoor recreation advisory services are designed to assist you whether you're creating a new business or expanding an existing park. Our operational expertise allows us to offer personalized, in depth, administrative, operational and management perspectives that produce informed decisions ensuring the success of your venture.

Our operational audit services are designed to provide a professional, hands-on review of your operation as viewed by your guest. The audit focuses on guest service and profitability, allowing you to understand not only what's working, but who's making making it work as well as potential areas for improvement. 

OE revenue sharing services provide the opportunity to generate revenue where none currently exists while avoiding the necessary capital expenditures normally associated with added attractions. We offer Segway's, EBikes, paddleboards and kayaks. Our products showcase up to date, visually pleasing rentals that reflect favorable on the guest's perception of your business. Our fair revenue share options allocate a larger percentage of revenue to our operator partners ensuring acceptable profitability.